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HTML (hyper text markup language) and CSS (cascading style sheets) are used together. HTML formats the content by defining “the structure and appearance of documents and document families so that they may be delivered quickly and easily to a user over a network for rendering on a variety of display devices” (HTML and XHTML The Definitive Guide – O’Reilly Press ).

CSS “is the W3C-approved method for enriching the visual presentation of web pages”
( Cascading Style Sheets-The Definitive Guide – O’Reilly Press ). With the use of both HTML and CSS, you benefit with: clean documents that validate with the W3C’s recommendations, shorter download times, and your pages can be viewed in most W3C compliant browsers. We validate all our files with the W3C for valid HTML and CSS.

Our sites are also tested at Foxfire’s Web XACT for use by those with handicaps.Browse through the services we offer listed below, and let us know how we may be of service to you. From simple flyers to color brochures on glossy paper; small sites with contact information, hours of business, and special aspects of your business to complicated sites with JavaScripts and interactivity through ASP (Active Server Pages). All these things are possible and we can help you meet your publishing needs.

Also Consider This!

Do use:

  •   Subtle backgrounds
  •   Well-behaved graphics
  •   Coordinated fonts
  •   Files written in clean and lean HTML
  •   Handicap and cross-browser compatibility
  •   Clear and concise writing
  •   A coordinated “look”

Don’t use:

  •   Multiple fonts, colors, backgrounds
  •   Blinking text, speeding marquees
  •   Poor spelling, grammar, or punctuation
  •   Fat and bloated files
  •   Boring or flat text
  •   Excessive capitalization
  •   Unnecessary information

Don’t forget to put your “www” address  on all your forms,

stationary, and business cards.

Web Design – New, Redo, or ala Carte

We can help you find an affordable hosting plan, acquire or transfer your domain name, optimize your site for search engines, set up eCommerce through PayPal, as well as maintain and update your site.

                      HTML ~ CSS                 Graphics                  JavaScript

  • Format with HTML
  • Enrich with CSS
  • Instantly change whole site
  • More control over placement
  • Overlap elements for effect
  • Faster loads with CSS
  • photographic edits
  • line drawing edits
  • banners
  • image maps
  • special effects
  • custom buttons
  • prompts
  • alerts
  • confirmation boxes
  • image rollovers
  • interactive forms
  • and more!

Word Processing – Type – Edit – Proof




  • body
  • footnotes
  • bibliography
  • end notes
  • your content
  • spell/grammar
  • punctuation
  • cohesiveness
  • your content
  • query inconsistencies
  • editing – extra $$
  • hourly rate only

Edit Your Work




  • reorganizing
  • rewriting
  • writing transitions
  • summaries
  • author consultations
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • consistency
  • format
  • bibliography
  • footnotes
  • typographical errors
  • deviations from typesetting
  • query editorial errors
  • question inconsistencies
  • punctuation/spelling/etc.

Write to Your Specifications


Truth or Not

Site Content

  • holiday letters
  • humorous poetry
  • limericks
  • song lyrics
  • family rated
  • short stories
  • magazine articles
  • newspaper style
  • ghost writing
  • no science fiction
  • html & css
  • text
  • graphics
  • scripts
  • family rated

Desktop Publishing




  • clubs
  • small business
  • family
  • line graphics
  • photographs
  • Non-profits
  • reunion
  • athletic
  • musical
  • community
  • Email Blasts
  • mailable
  • small graphics
  • your content
  • coupons





  • See Below
  • get specs
  • advise
  • introduction
  • interest
  • contact details
  • attachments
  • Word 2002 templates
  • custom template
  • your content
  • set fee per page


We reserve the right to decline projects that compromise our code of ethics.


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